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Ascension Coaching

These sessions are based on the Teachings of Union and the Mirror Exercise as our healing modality. The sessions are designed to support you in healing the blocks and upsets present in your Twin Flame Union and/or your Life Purpose, allowing you to achieve both your Permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union, and live in alignment with your Life Purpose.  

The coaching sessions are designed to support you in the study of the Teachings of Union as true success in your Twin Flame journey can only be guaranteed through studying and applying the Teaching, that is why working with us is only possible and meaningful if you choose to invest in the Teachings as a whole. 6 months is from experience a reasonable time frame to overcome the financial blocks for Twin Flame Ascension School and to invest in it.


A permanent coaching with us is therefore only possible if you decide to invest in the foundation for your Harmonious Twin Flame Union the Teachings of Union.

Why Twin Flame Coaching?

Navigate the challenges on your Twin Flame journey with ease

The Twin Flame journey can be incredibly challenging and having the guidance and support of an Ascension Coach who has gained experienced in this area is immensely helpful.

As Ascension Coaches we help you understand the unique dynamic and the energies at play within your Twin Flame relationship, allowing you to develop the skills required to move through your challenges with greater ease and grace.

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