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Spend New Year with your Twin Flame

The end of 2023 is around the corner, as so is the beginning of a new year. For many, this is a time of self-reflection and of taking stock of our accomplishments. But it is also a time when we look at what we desire most, and whether we have obtained it yet, or not. It is a time in which we may also feel the absence of the person we would like to be with the most.

If this is you, and you are wondering how you can spend New Year with your Twin Flame, I invite you to keep exploring this blog, as I’m going to share with you how you can spend the New Year with your Twin Flame. 

Wanting to spend New Year with your Twin Flame

I know this feeling first hand. I, too, felt this desire and that absence every year, before being able to move in with my Twin Flame Paco. 

Every end of the year was the same: the longing to spend it with my One True Love. I would spend hours, if not days, or weeks, picturing how I would have liked to be with him during this time of the year. I did this even before knowing I was on my Twin Flame journey. So I spent little over 30 years doing the same thing over and over again. 30 something years of that yearning to be with the one I love, never seeing the results I desired.

Lucky for you, you won’t need to spend the next 30 years longing for your Twin Flame. You can experience being with them right here and now, and I’m going to show you how. 

Twin Flame book

Being with your Twin Flame

One thing that very few people seem to know, or may even share with you, is that you are already with your Twin Flame. You may say that this isn’t true, because you aren’t seeing them be a part of your life, yet. But just because you don’t see your Twin Flame being with you in the physical, doesn’t mean they aren’t there with you in spirit all the time. 

You may, then, ask: “But, Déborah, what are you talking about? My Twin Flame isn’t talking to me”. Or “My Twin Flame doesn’t want anything to do with me! How can you say they are with me the whole time?”. Well, because you and your Twin Flame have been created as One being. Yes, you are two individuals, two expressions of the same one being. You share the same one soul, the same soul blueprint. And this right here is why you and your Twin Flame are never truly ever separate. Doesn’t matter what things are looking like. 

So, how can you spend New Year with your Twin Flame

Here is when the magic of your Twin Flame connection can take place. You can always choose and learn how to connect with that space. The place within yourself where you are already One with your Twin Flame. The place where you are already present with each other. 

Have you noticed it? I used the word “presence”. Presence is what allows you to tap into the space where you are already One with your Twin Flame. This means that, since you are one soul, you are always connected. All you need to do is bring your focus into that space. The more you can become aware of this place inside of you, the more you will be able to feel your Twin Flame’s presence. Even if they live an ocean apart from you, or aren’t talking to you right now. 

Twin Flame meditation

How to cultivate more Presence?

Cultivating a deeper sense of presence is a process, like everything in life. You may be very good at it already. Or, you may require some practice. Doesn’t matter where you are at with this, practice makes master, as the saying goes, and practicing presence is no exception.

Of course, how you practice this varies from person to person. Some may cultivate being more present by engaging in an activity they love and enjoy. Others, by doing it through mindfulness, meditation, or similar venues. Doesn’t matter which one you pick, the key is that it has to feel good to you. 

Through the Teachings of Union, we practice presence by connecting to our feelings and bringing love in whenever we feel is necessary. This allows us to find what doesn’t feel good about our current experiences and offer these places within healing. Healing means bringing love to the places inside of us where we haven’t felt we experienced being loved before. This is what heals Twin Flame separation at the core.

Presence is the key that allows you to feel your Twin Flame with you right here and now. It is also what connects you to the expression of your most authentic self. The more you can embrace who you are, the closer you will come with your Twin Flame, also in the physical. 

Release expectations on your journey

You, now, know you are One with your Twin Flame, and you are also practicing presence. However, you are still not seeing your Twin Flame coming into your life like you’d like them to. What then? Does it mean what I am sharing isn’t true? Or that it works for others, but not for you? Not quite. 

One of the most common mistakes is to attach yourself to an outcome. For example, you have been reading this blog, and decided to practice more presence. You may, now, be expecting your Twin Flame to pop back into your life out of the blue. While this may take place, this doesn’t mean that the connection is now fully healed. You may not be yet ready to spend the New Year together physically. 

Why? Because healing your Twin Flame connection might require more than just a few meditations. There might still be certain blocks preventing you from enjoying a harmonious relationship together. You might even be blocking the whole idea of love without even knowing it. It all depends on how you truly feel about Love in general. Not just about your Twin Flame. This is the main reason why most people are still experiencing Twin Flame separation.

Dealing with Twin Flame separation

As we said, you are One with your Twin Flame. However, you may not yet be experiencing that Union in the physical just. This is mostly due to blocks about being open to receive the love your Twin Flame has for you. That’s ok. Almost everyone feels like this sometimes. The important thing isn’t so much whether there are blocks to love. The main question is whether you want to dissolve these blocks or not. That is what makes some people be in Union with their Twin Flames, and others not.  

If the answer is “Yes”, congratulations, you are on your way towards healing Twin Flame Separation!

How you can heal Twin Flame separation

This is the best part. The part where you get to bake the cake AND eat it. Why? Because once you realize you no longer want to be in Twin Flame separation, you can actually start taking the steps that will bring you into your Twin Flame Union. To do this, you need to know one more thing about Twin Flames: they are more than just a romantic relationship.

Twin Flames Mirror Exercise

Twin Flames are eternal lovers, whose purpose is to help each other heal from their emotional wounds. In this sense, Twin Flames have the capacity to be each other’s perfect mirrors. This means that, whenever your Twin Flame is doing something that upsets you, they are holding the mirror so that you can easily find these places and choose to bring love there. 

This is where the Mirror Exercise we learned from our Teachers Jeff & Shaleia Divine comes in. Because this tool can easily help you identify these upsets, and allow you to bring love in. This not only can bring you relief about any given situation, but it can also help you see things in a different light. Including the physical separation you may currently be experiencing with your Twin Flame. 

Imagine being able to go from feeling awful about your Twin Flame, to feeling better about your connection. From feeling separate from them to feeling their presence, even when they are not yet around. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Seeing the Light at the end of the tunnel

Every New Year marks a new beginning. A fresh start. Every new year is filled with thousands of opportunities to heal your Twin Flame Union. To feel better about your journey, and of course, to manifest being with your Twin Flame. Not just for the holidays. 

Setting the intention to be with your Twin Flame is the first step. Once you make this choice, you can open the door to your next step: healing Twin Flame separation. So don’t let the blues of the last of 2023 be a roadblock. Instead, make the decision that 2024 is the year you will be in Union with your Twin Flame. Being in Union is something that first happens in your heart. It is a knowing you can always cultivate. The more you do it, the more you will see your Union taking place also in the physical. So, there is no better way to start the new year than making the choice to be with your Twin Flame and then taking your next step on your journey towards Union. 

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