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Twin Flames Union Paco & Deb

Only Love is real & Love never fails.

Jeff & Shaleia




Paco’s passion has always been to help people. 


As a young boy he always desired to see all people around him happy and in peace.  In order to achieve this, he asked himself “what do people care about most?” The answer was simple, yet powerful: People desire their true love, and to be able to live from doing what they love. In few words, their Twin Flame and their Life Purpose.


Paco's path led him to explore different religions, therapies, esotericism and various methods of self-realization, including Jeff & Shaleia's Teachings of Union, where he found the solution to his problems.


Since then, his success in his love life, and his Life Purpose continue to grow, fueling his desire to support you in achieving your perfect love life and career, so you too can expand and grow in these areas of your life.​

  • Business school Matura 2006

  • Personnel service agent 2009

  • Twin Flames Universe Ascension Coach Certification, 2019


From a very early age, Déborah was always in touch with different religions and spiritual teachings. It wasn’t until she found her Gurus, Jeff & Shaleia Ayan, that she found the missing piece to healing past wounds, being able to create a better life for herself and her family.


Since then, Déborah has been dedicating herself to the Teachings of Union while embracing her Life Purpose as an Ascension Coach. 

She enjoys reading about art, culture, history, astrophysics, biochemistry, and psychology; as well as learning different languages (Spanish, English and German, among others). 

As a mother, she desires to expand these Teachings to parents and their children, as well as the Spanish speaking community, to see everyone thrive in their own unique way.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Art History & Cultural Management, Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, 2016

  • Twin Flames Universe Ascension Coach Certification, 2018

  • Romance & Relationships 

  • Life Purpose and Career

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Finances

  • Spirituality

  • Transgender 

  • Family & Parenting

  • Children with Autismus

  • Creativity & Self-Expression

Certificate Ascension Coach Twin Flames Universe

Twin Flames Embrace


We're here to support YOU!

We know how daunting the Twin Flame journey can be, and whatever your experiences are, we can help you. Book a session or send us an email to discuss your next steps.

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