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Why Twin Flame Coaching?

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These sessions are based on the Teachings of Union and the Mirror Exercise as our healing modality. The sessions are designed to support you in healing the blocks and upsets present in your Twin Flame Union and/or your Life Purpose, allowing you to achieve both your Permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union, and live in alignment with your Life Purpose.  

The coaching sessions are designed to support you in the study of the Teachings of Union as true success in your Twin Flame journey can only be guaranteed through studying and applying the Teaching, that is why working with us is only possible and meaningful if you choose to invest in the Teachings as a whole. 6 months is from experience a reasonable time frame to overcome the financial blocks for Twin Flame Ascension School and to invest in it.


A permanent coaching with us is therefore only possible if you decide to invest in the foundation for your Harmonious Twin Flame Union the Teachings of Union.

Introduction Coaching

In this session we will get to know each other to learn if we are a good Coach-Client fit.  30 minutes.

Paco or Déborah

Paco & Déborah

One-On-One Coaching

Ready to heal your Twin Flame Union?

In this space you can have the support from Paco, Déborah, or both.  60 minutes.

Paco or Déborah

Paco & Déborah

Paco or Déborah - 1 manual payment

 Paco & Déborah - 1 manual payment

Regular Weekly Coaching

You already know you want to work with Paco, Déborah, or both as your Ascension Coach in a regular basis.


You can do so in two different ways:

A. You can make a one-time payment for a 4- session package every time you desire to receive support here; or

B. Suscribe to weekly Coaching through automatic payments, which renovate automatically every 4 weeks.

To suscribe to automatic payments, please click here:

 Paco or Déborah

Paco & Déborah 

Saturday, 8:00 pm CET

Twin Flame Group Coaching

You would like to learn more about the topic of Twin Flames, inner work, Mirror Exercises, and the teachings of Union, Jeff & Shaleia are close to your heart and the call in your heart for your true love can no longer be ignored then this group coaching is for you!

The group coaching starts on the following Saturday after your payment is processed. Extensions for group coaching sessions not attended are not possible. You can cancel the subscription at any time without giving a reason. A month already paid will not be refunded.

Family Package

You currently heal in your Twin Flame journey with the Mirror Exercise and the teachings of Jeff & Shaleia, and desire to extend this to your children?

We got you covered!


With this option, both you and your child can have access to four individual one-on-one Coaching sessions (1 session a week) to assist you both on your Twin Flame journeys. 


*Note: a special permit needs to be signed by the parent/legal tutor for any children under 18 to be able to have access to the Coaching sessions. No exceptions are possible. 

With Paco or Déborah 

With Paco & Déborah 

*Only in English

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