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How to have success on our Twin Flame Journey (guaranteed)

Updated: Jan 11

I know what you may be thinking…. “Success? In my Twin Flame journey? Is that even possible?”

Yes. Yes it is.

I know the Twin Flame journey can be challenging, or even daunting, but you can absolutely be successful in it. What do I mean by “being successful”? I mean being able to attract and be in a long-term relationship with your Twin Flame. One that grows stronger with every challenge. One that deepens whenever you are choosing Love. And the best way to guarantee your success is by understanding how the connection works and by being supported when challenges come. From there, you can take it step by step, seeing your relationship unfold in ever more beautiful ways.

Understanding the Twin Flame Connection

Twin Flames are more than just a romantic relationship. They are eternal lovers, who share a deep, spiritual bond together. This bond exists because the purpose of Twin Flames is to help each other ascend into your perfect state of being. Easily said: to become the best versions of themselves they can possibly be at each moment.

In this sense, your Twin Flame is not only your eternal companion, but your Ultimate Lover. And, as such, they will be holding the mirror to help you identify where you aren’t in alignment with unconditional love. By doing this, you can, then, release these false beliefs you may have about yourself, and instead, see the truth of who you are as a Divine being. As someone who is loveable and deserving of love.

Self-Love the key to guarantee your Success

The main key to guarantee your success on your Twin Flame journey is to build a foundation on self-love. It serves as the bedrock upon which the entire connection is built. Self-love, however, does not mean selfishness. It means choosing what is the best for you at the moment while honoring other people’s choices.

Twin Flame Mirror Exercise

Sounds easy, but it can be a bit more challenging than you may think. Mostly, because, culturally speaking, many of us haven’t been taught how to love ourselves -and others- unconditionally. If this is your case, that is ok, because the good thing is, you can learn it.

Cultivating self-love also teaches you to become more aware of yourself, your thoughts and your feelings. By becoming more aware, you can now begin to notice thoughts or feelings that hold you back or make you feel bad about yourself. And from that space, decide whether you want to keep these thoughts, or, if you want to replace them with more loving thoughts about yourself.

Navigating through the Challenges successfully

This process of becoming more aware of yourself may be challenging, because it means looking at what is making you feel bad about yourself. And it isn’t always easy to realize that it was you believing those things what was making you feel this bad. That is ok, too. Looking at yourself in the mirror isn’t always nice or pretty. But it is necessary to start changing how you feel about yourself and the world. Including how you feel about your Twin Flame. Why? Because if you don’t feel good about them, then you won’t be desiring to come close to them on a deeper level.

It doesn’t matter how much you say you want to be with your Twin Flame. Truth is, if you don’t feel good about yourself, you’ll probably won’t want to be close to them. Why would you desire to be close to someone when you don’t feel comfortable in that space?

This is where support becomes crucial.

Twin Flame Coaching

Honoring the Mirror Effect

Your Twin Flame helps you to cultivate this self love and acceptance by holding the mirror for you. One that allows you to see the unloving patterns or thoughts still living inside of you. The dynamic between Twin Flames is that of a mirror, because this makes it easier for you to find these places within, that you may learn to love yourself there.

Twin Flames mirror each other’s choices of love, but also, not love. They help you address any unresolved issues of fear you may still have in regards to love. By doing this, they help you heal and feel safe in tearing down the walls you have built against love. The more you choose to heal, the easier it will be for you to feel good about having your Twin Flame in your life.

Allowing Personal Growth to take place

As I’ve been sharing in this blog, the Twin Flame journey isn't just a path. It is a profound change within you. Embracing changes means you must have a willingness to let go of old paradigms, beliefs, and emotional baggage. It's a conscious choice to leave behind anything that isn’t serving your highest good. In order words, you must be willing to let go of things that don't help your overall well-being. This is, of course, done at a pace that feels comfortable to you. Each process is unique, and only you can set the pace of your own journey.

8 Keys to guarantee your success

There are, of course, other aspects to take into account when seeking to guarantee your success on the Twin Flame journey.

Our Twin Flame teachers, Jeff & Shaleia Divine, share 8 keys that -when cultivated, guarantee your success, too. I will share with you a brief introduction to each of these 8 keys, but you can dive deeper into them in the book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover”.

Twin Flame Book

These keys are:


Honesty means you honor how you truly feel about something -or someone- in your reality. Whether it is how you feel about yourself, or about someone else, you allow yourself to recognize that this is what your current experience is. Why? Because when you are honest about how you feel, you can, then, allow yourself the space to express authentically. Doing this will help you build trust with yourself first, and then with your Twin Flame. Honesty allows healing to happen, because now you can trust yourself to be honest with who you are and how you feel. Doing this helps you feel more relaxed in your Union. The more relaxed you are, the easier it is to attract, and be, with your Twin Flame.


As we shared in the previous key, Honesty, trust is also fundamental for your Twin Flame Union to thrive.

Many times, and due to my experiences with previous relationships, I would feel uncertain on whether Paco would love me unconditionally or not. But as I shared before, trust can only be built when you are honoring how you are truly feeling. Even if you don’t share everything exactly as you are thinking it, you still honor the experience you are going through, and share what you feel needs to be shared. A lot of times I felt unsure about sharing something with Paco. But once I found a way to do so, we were able to support each other through our feelings. This helped us grow closer and deeper in love with each other every single time. And this can be true for you, too.


Very much like with Honesty and Trust, Commitment is also key.

Imagine it for just a second. What would happen if you gave up at the first challenge that arises in your journey? Then you would not achieve your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. If you give up when you are halfway there, then you won't achieve your goal, right? You wouldn’t arrive at your destination, which is having a solid relationship with your Twin Flame.

In that sense, commitment is also important, because it will propel you to continue moving forward, in spite of the challenges. It is your commitment to the desire of being with your Twin Flame what will allow you to keep going, even when you may feel like giving up.


With Commitment comes Persistence. These two keys go hand-in-hand. As you commit to the desire to have your Twin Flame Union, you will naturally cultivate being persistent in your journey. This doesn’t mean forcing yourself to go at a pace that doesn’t feel good for you. It also does not mean to abuse yourself in any way in order to be with your Twin Flame. Persistence means that, regardless of the circumstances, you are going to choose to move through them to the best of your abilities, at every given moment. Persistence means that you are not going to allow things or situations to deter you from achieving your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.


This is a very beautiful key, because it invites you to let yourself off the hook, like Shaleia says. It is true that you need to take responsibility for how you are feeling. But you also need to let go of any judgments you may be having about yourself and the experiences you are going through. We all make mistakes, but we can also all learn from them. And this is what is most important. The more you can open to receive the lesson the situation is presenting you, the more you will be able to have compassion for yourself. This will make it easier to let go and let go of judging yourself and your process. Especially, when a challenge arises.

Unconditional Love

With Compassion, also comes the opportunity to cultivate unconditional love, for yourself, and also, for your Twin Flame. When you can invite compassion for yourself, you can also have compassion for your Twin Flame when it’s their turn to move through a challenge or upset. Compassion makes it easier to accept things as they are right now. And, as you accept things as they are, and are honest about how you feel about it, you can then choose to love yourself unconditionally. Because it doesn’t matter what you did or did not do, it only matters that you are choosing to heal through it. To bring love in these places where you may be feeling hurt. And that is enough.


Compassion and Unconditional Love lead to Forgiveness. How many times have you spoken to yourself in a nasty way because of something that was happening?

As you “let yourself off the hook” and learn to love yourself unconditionally, you will naturally be inviting forgiveness. Why is forgiveness also one of the most important keys to your success? Because it means you can let go of any grudges you may still have against yourself or your Twin Flame. Forgiving yourself, or your Twin Flame, for any possible mistake that may have happened liberates you. It gives you the chance to find peace again.

Forgiving does not mean forgetting. It does mean, though, that you understand better the reasons for an experience to happen. And with this understanding, you can invite forgiveness, as well as compassion and unconditional love. Truth is, we are all doing our best with what we have. And it’s ok to make mistakes and learn as we go.

Twin Flame readings


Respect means you honor what you are experiencing exactly as you are experiencing it. It means that you can respect your choices, as well as those of others, including your Twin Flame’s. You respect your experiences and choices even if they aren’t feeling good at this time. You respect other people's choices and experiences, even if you don’t quite agree with them.

Bottom line is, experiences aren’t good nor bad. They just are. But how we feel about them is what makes the difference. They are what you make of them. Let’s say you may be experiencing the most incredible relationship with your Twin Flame. But, if at any point you believe this to be a bad thing, then that’s how it will feel to you. Same with an upset. You may feel upset about something. But, if you see it as a chance to grow, and feel good about it, then there you are.

Respect is something that must be cultivated within your Union. Otherwise, you are like to judge your experiences, and your Twin Flame’s, creating more upset than resolution. When you can honor and respect each other’s differences, and experience, you will find it easier to move through them, finding peace in the situation.

Support, the fastest way to your Twin Flame Union

As you can see, cultivating a healthy relationship with yourself, and your Twin Flame, is not an overnight thing. It is a process. One that will challenge you to look at things differently. Your Twin Flame journey is meant to invite you to choose love at every turn. However, if you have been hurt in past relationships, you may find it a bit more difficult to open up and be vulnerable enough to heal in the places you are still hurting. That is ok.

Twin Flames in Union

Everyone experiences this in one way or another. Neither Paco nor me are the exception. This is why we can’t reiterate how important it is to have the appropriate support in this journey.

And support, like with your Union, starts with your choice. Your choice to feel better here and now, regardless of how your experience may be looking like, or feeling like. It is a choice that must be made every step of the way if you want to guarantee your success.

This is why we highly encourage you to:

Find the right tools: Having the appropriate resources does make a difference when looking to reunite with your Twin Flame. It also helps navigate the challenges together in a much easier way than not having any kind of support. Be assertive on who you choose to rely on this journey, as not everyone understands the Twin Flame dynamic correctly. An easy way to assert if a source is good is to ask yourself: are they talking from a place of union or separation?

Persist and be consistent: with your choice. As you do, you will continue moving forward and closer to your Twin Flame. Know that you can only lose if you give up.

Invest in yourself: this can not be stressed enough. This is a journey to self-love and healing. It will take you to places within yourself you may not yet feel like you can face them alone. You are not meant to. You are meant to walk home to your Twin Flame in the company of others as well. Choose to invest in your support system, as it will save you time and energy, and will guarantee your success.

Twin Flame Coaching

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