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Attracting your Twin Flame: A journey of Eternal Romance

Updated: Jan 11

Twin Flame connections are like no other. There is a deep sense of longing for who we feel is The One. But, unlike other relationships, Twin Flames have a very different set of rules. Rules very few of us may know -or understand- when first encountering this journey.

And, unlike other soulmate or karmic relationships, we don’t chase down our Twin Flame. We attract them- By becoming highly magnetic while being at peace with your process, you become highly attractive to your Twin Flame. In this article, we'll share how to do exactly that, and, as a result, attract your Twin Flame into your life the easy way.

What are Twin Flames?

Twin Flames are more than just a romantic relationship. They are eternal lovers, who share a deep, spiritual bond together. This bond exists because the purpose of Twin Flames is to help each other ascend into your perfect state of being. Easily said: to become the best versions of themselves they can possibly be at each moment.

In this sense, your Twin Flame is not only your eternal companion, but your Ultimate Lover. And, as such, they will be holding the mirror to help you identify where you aren’t in alignment with unconditional love. By doing this, you can, then, release these false beliefs you may have about yourself, and instead, see the truth of who you are as a Divine being. As someone who is loveable and deserving of love.

How do you attract your Twin Flame?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in every Twin Flame community there is. Almost everyone has asked themselves this at one point or the other on their journeys.

Since they are a reflection of you, you attract your Twin Flame by first building a healthy relationship with yourself. Now, this is something many of us don’t know how to do at first.

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Some may believe they can fake it. But that’s not how it works. Learning to love yourself and cultivating that inner relationship with yourself isn’t something taught at school. Neither at home, in many cases. Nor is something you can pretend to do, because eventually, it becomes unsustainable. You develop this relationship with yourself by allowing yourself to express yourself. By being honest about how you feel about your experiences, you can then choose to heal that which doesn’t feel good. Truth is, if you were already at peace with it, that given situation wouldn’t be bothering you at all, right?

As you develop this relationship with yourself first, your Twin Flame being your perfect mirror, will reflect this back to you. They will do so naturally and without the need to control how the relationship unfolds.

The Core of Attraction: Loving Yourself First

As Twin Flames are One at their core, when you choose to love yourself first, so does your Twin Flame. Contrary to what many of us have been taught, putting ourselves first is highly magnetic to our Twin Flame. So, the more you learn to honor yourself, your truths and desires, the more attractive you’ll become to your Twin Flame. They won’t be able to resist it, because they are hardwired to respond to unconditional love. The more you love and honor yourself, the easier you attract your Twin Flame.

Radiating Love: A Magnet to attracting your Twin Flame

Love is a force, and when you radiate it authentically, you become a magnet for your Twin Flame. Think about it for a second. How do you feel about someone who is bitter and angry all the time? Not very well. And when you are around someone who is genuinely happy and joyful? You feel like you’d like to hang with that person more. They make you feel good. The same applies to your Twin Flame. And, since true happiness and true joy can’t be faked, you really must learn how to cultivate it within yourself. But, how?

At Twin Flames Embrace, we do this with the Mirror Exercise as taught by Twin Flames Universe’s Teachings of Union.

This exercise, together with the entire body of work from the Teachings of Union, is designed to help us dissolve any blocks and barriers we may have put up against receiving love. Truth is, that’s all there ever is between you and your Twin Flame: blocks to love.

Applying these Teachings regularly and honestly will bring you results. Because now, you’ll be open to receiving love, rather than pushing it away out of fear of being hurt.

Core Values: The Foundation for a Lasting Connection

Another thing that helps you attract your Twin Flame is your values. Your standards for your life and your relationships. The more you can honor these values and standards, the more irresistible you become to your beloved. There is nothing that your Twin Flame loves more than you being clear about what you want. Because this means you can also set boundaries and say no to what doesn’t feel good.

Your Twin Flame doesn’t recognize “miserable you”. They only see the perfection that you are. So when you settle for less, or allow being mistreated by your other relationships, your Twin Flame can’t resonate with you in that space. That is why, knowing what you truly desire in every one of your relationships and being able to honor that, will make your Twin Flame fall even more in love with you.

The bedrock of any enduring connection is built on shared values. Identifying your core values not only strengthens your sense of self but forms the stable foundation upon which a lasting connection with your Twin Flame can thrive.

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Trusting the Journey

This is, perhaps, the one of the most challenging parts of the journey: to trust it. But, how can you trust your Twin Flame will come to you if you aren’t paying any attention to them? How can you trust that putting all this focus on you won’t push them further away? Questions such as these may be pointing you to the fear of losing your Twin Flame. That is ok. We all felt this fear. But fear is, in truth, what keeps you apart from your Twin Flame, not Love. Love is what brings you closer together.

Remember, your Twin Flame is a reflection of you. Another aspect of your being. The closer you come to who you are and to your unique self-expression, the closer your Twin Flames comes to you, too. That is the best part! Now you can relax. Because, as you continue choosing to cultivate a better relationship with yourself, attracting your Twin Flame will be inevitable. Don’t forget that your Twin Flame is you, so you will be coming closer naturally. All you need to do is honor your journey and heal through the upsets. The tools and resources we share with you are designed to support you on your journey, as they have supported us, too. All you need is to make the choice to be with your Twin Flame in this lifetime. After making this choice, all that is left is taking the steps that will bring you closer to each other.

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