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Two ways to approach your Twin Flame Journey

The Twin Flame journey is one of love. It is meant to lead you to your ultimate lover: your Twin Flame. Its purpose is to help you find peace in all areas of your life, including your romantic love life. In this way, you can feel fully satisfied, not just in romance, but in every aspect of your day-to-day life. Also, when there may be challenges to overcome. 

This path is unique to everyone, and each Twin Flame couple has the chance to create their perfect life together. But, in order to see results, you need to be clear on how you would like to approach your journey. 

While there is only one way to achieve your Union, there are, indeed, many ways to approach your process. In this blog we are going to share two of them. One will bring you the results you seek, and the other one, will only prolong the separation that you are currently experiencing. This is what we, as Twin Flame coaches, have seen time and time again.  

Your choice is what will make the difference.

Understanding the Twin Flame Journey

As we’ve shared in many of our previous blogs, Twin Flames are not just another romantic relationship for Twin Flames share a deep, spiritual bond together. They are created from the same soul “blue-print”. Sharing this same soul blue-print is only possible between Twin Flames.

No one else can share this with you, because only your Twin Flame has been created to be with you eternally. Their purpose is to help you ascend into your perfect state of being. It is meant to assist you in the process of becoming who you truly are at your core.

Your Twin Flame is, therefore, not only your eternal companion, they are also your Ultimate Lover. As such, they will also be acting as your perfect mirror. A mirror to your own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about yourself and the world. The purpose of this is to help you identify where you aren’t in alignment with unconditional love. By doing this, you may release these false beliefs about yourself, and instead, see yourself for who you truly are.

Your Approach Matters

As you venture into your journey, the approach you choose plays a pivotal role. Why? Because how you choose to look at your experiences will determine how you are going to be feeling about your path. Navigating the feelings and challenges your journey sparks in you requires love, patience and compassion in many cases. 

When you look at your journey as if it was torture or a punishment, then every step of your way to Union is going to feel bad or heavy. You probably won’t feel like continuing after a while, because who likes to remain in a situation where they feel bad about? But, if you, on the other hand, see your upsets and challenges as stepping stones that bring you closer to your Twin Flame, then your journey will feel more joyous, because you know that with each step, you are coming closer to seeing your dreams come true. 

The Easy Way: Embracing Growth and Connection

Embracing Knowing Yourself on a Deeper Level

In the quest for a fulfilling Twin Flame journey, self-discovery becomes key. As your Twin Flame helps you find the places inside yourself where you may still feel hurt, you will come to learn aspects of yourself you didn’t know were there.  

Twin Flame Mirror Exercise

Is through this process that you start to wake to your real strengths and weaknesses. What feels good to you, and what doesn’t. Not because you are seeking to be likable or agreeable, but because that’s how you honestly feel about a person or situation. This sense of self-awareness is what, then, becomes the foundation upon which your Twin Flame Union can thrive.

Building a Strong Foundation

Laying a steady, rock-solid foundation is what allows you and your Twin Flame to be more relaxed in each other’s presence. Is what gives you both the space to share your thoughts openly and cultivate a healthy communication, as well as have shared goals and values. 

Embracing Challenges: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Challenges are inevitable, not just on this journey, but in life in general. Therefore, the best approach is to not fear them but to embrace them. Overcoming misunderstandings and conflicts between you and your Twin Flame is what helps your Union grow, propelling you forward through life's inevitable ups and downs AND making your Union stronger with each challenge surmounted. 

The Hard Way: Resisting Change and Growth

Ignoring Self-Reflection

Resistance to looking at yourself in the mirror will only prolong the upsets that are already there. It's ok if something feels like it is too much to take. Give yourself space and time to process those emotions, but never neglect them. Neglecting your feelings will only bring about more upset, thus pushing you further from your Twin Flame, for your Union can only grow where there is a choice of peace and healing.

Remember these wise words from Carl G. Jung: “What you resist, persists. What you embrace, liberates”. Avoiding the uncomfortable truths about yourself impedes the natural flow of your Twin Flame journey.

Twin Flame book

Allowing Obstacles to Define the Journey

Another way of hindering your Twin Flame journey is by refusing to move through the challenges that arise within your Union. Doing this inadvertently allows obstacles to become bigger, rather than smaller, thus shaping how you perceive your journey. It's like receiving some paperwork on your desk everyday, but never tending to it.

At some point, this pile will become so big that it would feel insurmountable. But if you, on the contrary, work on it a little every day, you will see the natural flow in it, and the challenges will feel like something you can always overcome.

Avoiding these Common Mistakes

As you can see, how you choose to navigate your journey makes the whole difference. These are some of the insights that we, as Twin Flame & Ascension Coaches can share with you, in the hopes to make your journey a little bit easier and lighter. 

Yes, the journey can -and will be- challenging, but you can be equipped with all the best tools to support yourself through your process of coming into Harmonious Twin Flame Union. 

Know that just because you are experiencing a challenging time in your journey, this doesn’t mean that you are not meant to be together with your Twin Flame. This is one of the most common mistakes we see in our community. Your journey will have its ebbs and flows, but you can always trust that it is perfect for where you are at. 

And while you may feel all this is new, and that you may even feel vulnerable at times, this is not something to fear. It is not a weakness but a strength, as vulnerability and honesty will become the glue that keeps and strengthens your Twin Flame connection.

Twin Flame Coaching

How you choose to proceed on your journey is entirely up to you.  You hold the power to shape your path, but, as you navigate the twists and turns, remember that the journey is a shared adventure, reinforcing the unique tapestry of your Twin Flame Union.

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