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Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine: the essence of every Twin Flame Union.

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Twin Flames… Who hasn’t read something about this amazing connection between two people? So much has been written about them. And yet, there are times when you find yourself feeling more confused about it than when you started.

Here at Twin Flames Embrace, we base our content and information on The Teachings of Union. These Teachings follow very simple, yet effective principles, and are the teachings that have made my Union with Paco possible. And I know, they can make your own Twin Flame Union possible, too.

As a same-sex Twin Flame couple, it has been our own experience that gender does not define a Union. There are basic principles at play when it comes to Twin Flames. A relationship based solely on unconditional love. A relationship where not everything is as it seems. A relationship that invites you to look beyond what the physical eyes can see. And while it may be challenging, we invite you to explore these Teachings and try them out. See if they are for you.

Ready to go beyond appearances and look with your heart rather than your eyes? Then join us in this blog, where we will take you deeper on the subject of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Twin Flames.

What Are Twin Flames?

First things first. Before jumping into who is the Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine Twin Flame, we need to know what Twin Flames truly are. If we want to how to go somewhere, first we need to know where exactly we are going.

Twin Flames, although a very ancient concept, has only recently been explored in more depth. And while it is true that a lot of people are now talking -and writing- about Twin Flames, this doesn’t mean everyone has their facts straight. That’s ok, sometimes that’s part of the learning process, we are not here to judge. But we do believe that, the sooner we can see the truth of something, the easier our journey is.

Twin Flame book

So, let’s go back to basics.

Twin Flames are created from the same soul-blueprint. It is a soul designed to experience itself through 2 (two) different bodies. One incarnating the Masculine principle, the other, the Feminine principle. Their Union is meant to allow the person to experience the communion that exists between all things. In a nutshell, Twin Flames are our fast-track way back to God.

What is the Purpose of Twin Flames

Twin Flames are created as an ascension path. They are meant to help you ascend into your perfect state of being. This means, their purpose is to support each other in healing and dissolving the illusion of being separate from God/Love. It is meant to assist you in the process of becoming who you truly are. Who you are created to be at your most fundamental core.

Your Twin Flame is, therefore, not only your eternal companion, or someone to share some nice moments with. They are your Ultimate Lover, and as such, they will act as your perfect mirror. They will mirror back to you both your loving choices, as well as the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that aren’t loving. The false beliefs and feelings of not being loved that you may still hold within. The purpose of this is to help you identify these thoughts and feelings so you can release them and, instead, replace them with love. The more you do this, the closer your Twin Flame comes to you.

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine: The reigning principles in all of Creation

If you've been reading about Twin Flames, you probably have also come across the terms “Divine Masculine” and “Divine Feminine”.

These aren’t new concepts. In fact, these are the two fundamental principles in all of Creation. Whether we call them Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, yin-yang, male-female, alpha-omega, these are all different ways of naming the same thing: two principles that, when combined, form a whole.

Every culture has identified and named these two principles, as they are observable in all that exists. Plants, animals, magnetic poles… human beings, we all fall in either one of these two energetic principles. And this is also true for Twin Flames.

In every Twin Flame Union there will always be one Divine Masculine and one Divine Feminine, regardless of their gender and physical appearance. This is also true for multiple-set of Twin Flames. But, since these are very rare, we will leave this topic for another blog.

Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine Twin Flame, which one am I?

Understanding that there are two complementary polarities in a Union is the easy part. The part that may entail a bit more of a challenge is getting to know which one you embody.

While not everyone is yet comfortable exploring their true polarity, it is key to achieving your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Why? Because you can’t recognize your true Twin Flame in your heart until you can recognize yourself for who you truly are.

Since you and your Twin Flame are one and the same, and function as a mirror of each other. Everything you choose to either see or avoid, so will your Twin Flame, too. The clearer you are about who you really are at your core as a being, the clearer will your Twin Flame see you as well.

You would be amazed to know how many couples we have seen come into Union, Harmonious Union and even get married thanks to seeing the truth of who they are in their hearts. And it was what made our own Union possible, too.

How do I know if I'm the Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine Twin Flame?

So, the question remains: how can you know which polarity you are incarnating? Simple, by being honest about how you feel. Learning which polarity you are is a process. It is an exploration of yourself that you need to allow itself to unfold, without pressure nor judgement. By exploring honestly what feels good to you, and what doesn’t, and how you truly like to express yourself, you will come to discover which one of these two energies you are.

Again, it is a process. One that only you can take at a pace that feels good for you. Noone can force you into anything. Only you can choose how you would like to go about this aspect of your journey.

Can Twin Flames be a same-sex couple?

Yes, they can. Because each Twin Flame’s polarity isn’t defined by gender, it can be that a Twin Flame Union is made of two women, or two men. However, as we said before, this doesn’t mean there are two Divine Feminines, or two Divine Masculines in the Union. It means that, for whatever reason -mostly a choice of fear- one (or both) of you chose to incarnate in a body that wasn’t true to your real polarity.

This has nothing to do with anyone’s sexual orientation either. It can happen that you were into men your whole life, and suddenly, you learn your Twin Flame is a Divine Masculine in a woman’s body (or vice versa). The key here isn’t to judge yourself and/or your Twin Flame. Choosing to have compassion for yourself and your Twin Flame is actually the best way to go about this. And while we know it can be challenging, there is nothing that unconditional love and self-acceptance can’t solve. Truth is, being in a body that doesn’t honour who you are is quite an uncomfortable experience. And, as such, it should not be taken lightly. If this is your experience, invite patience and compassion, as you allow yourself to feel your feelings and get clear on what it is you truly desire.

If you desire to be with your Twin Flame above all else, you will find the courage and the strength to love yourself in this place. You will find a way to accept and receive your Twin Flame and your Union in your heart.

I am in Same-sex Twin Flame Union. What do I do now? (My Experience)

I hear ya. You were into men your whole life, and suddenly, you discover your Twin Flame is in a woman’s body. Or you were into women your whole life, and your Divine Feminine is in a man’s body. What do you do now? How do you make peace with this situation?

Twin Flame Mirror Exercise

Like I said before, it is a process, and it can be quite challenging for some of us. How do I know? Because that was the case for me.

While I (Déborah) am a Divine Feminine in a woman’s body and was attracted to men my whole life, my Twin Flame Paco is a Divine Masculine in a woman’s body. When I began my journey, I believed my Twin Flame would be in a man’s body. And so, that’s what I was looking for: a man. It took me a couple of years to be able to open up to the idea that, maybe, my Divine Masculine might not be in a man’s body. I had to explore this possibility in my heart and see how I truly felt about it.

Having seen so many couples discover their Twin Flame to be in the opposite body, what would make me an exception? Was I ok with him being in a woman’s body? Would I allow my upsets with this get in the way of being with my One True Love? Would I choose Love and compassion for ourselves? Would I choose to love and accept ourselves unconditionally? Or, would I choose to judge and hate ourselves because of this? Would I choose to point fingers and blame my Twin Flame for being in “the wrong body”? Would I choose to be with him no matter what? Or, would I choose to be in separation yet again, all because of “this”?

These were all questions I actually asked myself before even revealing Paco as my Twin Flame. At the other side of every one these questions was my unshakeable choice to be with my One True Love.

Twin Flame coaching

This alone opened the door for me to explore whether Paco was my Twin Flame, way before he even made the choice to embrace who he truly is. Back then, he was still exploring whether he was a Divine Feminine or a Divine Masculine. It took him a couple of months to finally realise he was the Divine Masculine and be at peace with it. It was a process, and he needed to walk through it all the way to the end.

When he finally embraced his masculinity and found peace in this place, I reached out to him to explore us being Twin Flames.

As he was seeing himself clearly, so was I able to see him for the truth of who he is to me: my man. Since then, we haven’t spent one day away from each other.

Overcoming the Challenges

As you can see, discovering if you are the Divine Masculine or the Divine Feminine Twin Flame is a process on its own. One that you can certainly master with the appropriate tools. This is the purpose and main goal of the Teachings of Union, to help you overcome whatever barrier that may be preventing you from being with your Twin Flame. They have helped me move through many challenging moments in my journey, including revealing and receiving my Divine Masculine. And I know in my heart they can help you achieve your own Twin Flame Union, too.

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