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Life and your Twin Flame journey

The Twin Flame journey is both a beautiful healing adventure, and also, a challenging path. Some describe it as an emotional rollercoaster that they don’t always particularly feel good about. And many believe this journey to be about being with this other person, and nothing more. But, what is the truth behind the Twin Flame journey? Is it really only about romantic love? Is it really only about spending the weekends cuddling in bed, watching TV together? Or is there more to it than meets the eye? Let’s dive deeper into the hidden truth about this wonderful, yet sometimes misunderstood journey. 

Is the Twin Flame journey just about romantic love?

Yes and no. The Twin Flame journey is about love, yes, but not only about the romantic kind. While it is true that Twin Flames are created to share together different aspects of human relationships, their main goal isn't just about romance. At least not in the way many of us think at first. It goes beyond the movie love you, and most of us imagine upon coming to this journey.

Twin Flames share a deep, unbreakable connection. A bond that means more than what meets the eye. And while they are meant to also be romantic partners, the love they share is deeper and more meaningful. Especially, when you understand the purpose of Twin Flames. 

The Purpose of Twin Flames

Twin Flames are designed to be each other’s perfect teacher, student, friend, partner, and lover. In that order, though not one at the time. Twin Flames share a Divine purpose: to help each other learn about unconditional love. They  are designed to help each other grow in a wonderful and profound way. They are meant to take you into a path of self-discovery and unconditional love. 

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Twin Flames are more than just a romantic relationship because their bond exists to help each other ascend into your perfect state of being. Easily said: to become the best version of yourself you can possibly be at each moment. To teach each other to accept yourselves unconditionally, while also choosing to grow and change as people. 

What is the truth about the Twin Flame journey?

The Twin Flame journey isn't just any journey. It is a path towards a profound change within you. What do I mean by “profound change”? I mean, this is a journey that leads you to look at your thoughts and beliefs about yourself, and ask yourself if these are something you’d like to keep holding on to. 

The goal of this journey is to help you let go of old paradigms, beliefs, and emotional baggage you may be carrying within you. Not because you are “broken” inside, but because these old thoughts and beliefs aren’t serving your highest good anymore. 

In other words, it is a journey that invites you to let go of things that don't help your overall well-being. Things that don't help you to grow and achieve your goals in life. This is a process done at a pace that feels comfortable to you. Otherwise, you would be unable to sustain such changes. But the process must be honored when you desire to come into Union with your Twin Flame. 

A journey of self-reflection

This is at the core of the Twin Flame dynamic. As I shared before, Twin Flames are there to help each other grow. They do so by bringing to your awareness that which is preventing you from being who you truly desire to be. It is never about “my Twin Flame did this”, “my Twin Flame said that”. It is about what they are helping you see in yourself through these situations. 

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Your Twin Flame knows they are not the source of your happiness. The relationship you have with yourself and with Love/Life/God, is your source. This is why they will always be guiding you towards the relationship you have with yourself. That relationship is expressed through all areas of your life, in everything that you do.

Life or Twin Flame Journey?

Since your Twin Flame journey is about the relationship you have with yourself and Life, your life and Twin Flame path are related. They are one and the same. When you heal your relationship with yourself, you heal your Twin Flame Union. When you heal your relationship with food, your career, work, money, family, you heal your relationship with your Twin Flame. Everything becomes part of your Twin Flame journey. 

This is why this journey is never about the other person, your Twin Flame, but about you. It is about you loving yourself in all areas of your life. Is about you learning to love yourself through your body and what you eat. Through your purpose and career in life. Is about loving yourself in the relationships you are choosing to cultivate, and in the people you are choosing to be around. It is about loving yourself through your health and routine. Is about you choosing what is best for you, at any time, and in every given situation.

How the Twin Flame journey changes you

As you start to engage with yourself in these aspects of your everyday life, you may start to notice things that don’t feel good. Perhaps even some unhealthy behaviors. You may begin to become aware of how these patterns make you feel. On how you may be feeling drained instead of energized. You may even realize there are things you don’t feel good about, or agree with. Things that you no longer desire to do, but you hold on to out of fear. 

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Fear tends to be at the core of the choices you make. Maybe not all the choices, but still, some of them will be rooted in fear. Fear of being rejected, of being misjudged, or being different. These fears may have been normal when survival depended on likability or relatability. But now, in the 21st Century, that’s no longer the case, because your “tribe” has expanded exponentially. 

You may feel more in tune with someone who lives halfway across the globe, than with people from your own home town. And that is fine. Because now, you are free to explore your options and choose the ones that resonate and feel good to you, without actually jeopardizing your existence. You are free to build your life the way that it best suits you and your needs.

Overcoming the fear of change

Inviting change into your life can feel quite challenging. Yet it is a crucial aspect of your Twin Flame journey, because change is at the very core of life itself. And you are not separate from Life. 

This doesn’t mean that you are forced to change. It does mean, though, that you will be invited to look at what doesn’t feel good anymore, and why, and make a different choice. That new choice is what will bring about the change. It is never before you are ready to let go of the old and embrace the new.

This process of becoming more aware of yourself may be challenging, because it means looking at what is making you feel bad about yourself.  And it isn’t always easy to realize that it was you believing those things what was making you feel this bad. That is ok, too. Looking at yourself in the mirror isn’t always nice or pretty. But it is necessary to start seeing what no longer serves you and changing how you feel about yourself and the world. Including how you feel about your Twin Flame. Why? Because if you don’t feel good about them, then you won’t be desiring to come close to them on a deeper level.

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It doesn’t matter how much you say you want to be with your Twin Flame. Truth is, if you don’t feel good about yourself, you’ll probably won’t want to be close to them. Why would you desire to be close to someone when you don’t feel comfortable in that space?

This is where support becomes crucial. Support is what helps you move through a challenging time, or looking at the thing you don’t feel confident in looking at. Support is what holds your hand when you feel scared and don’t know what to do anymore. 

The light at the end of the tunnel

The good news is that with the appropriate support, compassion and persistence, you can, step by step, move out of the old and into the new. 

You can start changing your life for the better. Again, at whatever pace feels most comfortable and compassionate to you. This is what will give you the results you desire. From your job, your home, your diet, to being together with your Twin Flame, this journey is meant to find love in all areas of your life. If you are ready to take your first step, we recommend starting with Twin Flames Universe’s Free Twin Flame Ascension Introductory Course. These free 8 lessons will provide a safe and solid foundation from which to start exploring your journey. 

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