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Top 5 Twin Flame Myths Debunked!

Updated: Jan 11

There is a LOT written about Twin Flames, however not everything you read might be entirely accurate. Sadly, much of the information out there doesn't really help you to get closer to your beloved. Quite the opposite, it creates even more distance between you and your Twin Flame. 

There are beliefs about this journey that have been around for quite some time, yet this doesn’t make them more true. So today, we look forward to debunking five of the most popular Twin Flame myths circulating in the Twin Flame community. Doing this will provide you with accurate information and a real chance to be together with your Twin Flame. We are sure that, with the right information you, too, can make your relationship with your beloved a reality.

What are Twin Flames?

As we always say, it is best we start from the beginning. When learning about the Twin Flame dynamic, it is always best to go back to basics. This provides you with a clear picture of what Twin Flames are, how the dynamic works, and how to best navigate this journey. And, as with everything in life, the right information, coupled with the right tools, guarantee your success in any of your endeavors. This also includes your Twin Flame journey.

So, what are Twin Flames? How are they created? Twin Flames are created from the same soul “blue-print”. This means you and your Twin Flame share the same One Consciousness. You can picture it as both of you sharing the same soul DNA. You will express either the Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine principle, and your Twin Flame will express the opposite complementary principle. 

You are created as One to help each other ascend to your perfect state of being. In other words: your Twin Flame is helping you become the best version of you, you can possibly be. So, with this in mind, let us jump right into the 5 Twin Flame myths and bring light there.

Twin Flame Myth 1: You are not meant to be romantic partners

This is one of the most popular myths about Twin Flames. Many sources of information insist that Twin Flames can only develop a friendship at most. Or even, that your Twin Flame could be a family member. But neither of these beliefs are true. Why? Because, apart from developing a beautiful friendship, your Twin Flame is meant to be your Perfect Lover. And that includes cultivating a romantic relationship, as well as a friendship and partnership. 

You and your Twin Flame are each other’s perfect companions. You are also each other’s perfect teacher and student, meaning you are both going to be teaching and learning from each other. You are also each other’s best friend in the whole wide world. And ultimately, this also leads to being each other’s perfect partner and lover. Nobody will love you as fully and unconditionally as your Twin Flame, and vice versa. 

You are meant to enjoy all and every single aspect of life. A romantic relationship between the two of you is no exception. So, relax knowing that, yes, you are meant to be in a romantic relationship with your Twin Flame. And believe me, there is nothing juicier than experiencing that deep level of safety and intimacy with the one you love. 

Myth 2: Instant Attraction and Recognition

As with the first myth, there is also this belief that Twin Flames can recognize each other instantly. And that this recognition comes through external aspects such as looking alike, having similar taste in -for example- music, or even by locking eyes. There are sources of information that even suggest you can know your Twin Flame by looking at your astrological signs. 

I remember doing this on my journey, too. I had met this person I thought was my Twin Flame. I’d focus on his looks and how I felt about him. I would also compare our astrological charts. It all seemed to point to him being my Twin Flame. However, the more I wanted to cultivate a relationship with him, the more he kept pushing me away. The more he kept ignoring me. As I got clear on what my core values for a relationship are, I realized he was a false Twin Flame. Only then, was I open to receive the truth that this person wasn’t who I thought he was. And when I was finally ready to let him go, I was able to reveal Paco as my True Twin Flame. 

As you can see, I didn’t recognize Paco right away, even though we were already communicating with each other as friends.

Some things can help you get clear on your wishes and desires about your perfect partner. However, they won’t be enough to reveal who your Twin Flame is. Because revealing your Twin Flame is an inner process, you need to focus on how you feel, rather than on external aspects. The more you can focus on how you feel about this person and how the relationship is unfolding, the easier it will be to see the truth of who they are to you. Only your heart knows who your True Twin Flame is. 

Myth 3: Twin Flames Never Experience Conflict

This is yet another myth. Just because you are Twin Flames, doesn’t mean that you won’t experience conflict in your relationship. Upsets and miscommunications are normal in any relationship, and your Twin Flame Union is no exception here either. 

Twin Flame Mirror Exercise

Contrary to the idealized image of a Harmonious Union, Twin Flame relationships are not immune to conflict. In fact, conflicts are an integral piece of your bond, because through conflict resolution you grow and expand your Union. As these challenges act as mirrors, conflicts will only be pointing you to the places within yourself where you need to bring love. Embracing these instances in your relationship will only help you make your Union grow stronger.

Twin Flame Myth 4: Union is not possible

Another myth circulating on the internet is that Twin Flames can not achieve Union. Even less so, during this lifetime. This is also not true, because you have the power of your choice. When you wield that power, and align your actions to your decision, the Universe can’t but honor your choice. It is law. This is what the Law of Attraction talks about. You attract and manifest that which you chose at the core of who you are as a being. If you choose separation, then that’s what you will have. And, if you choose Union, that’s what you will have. It all comes down to your choice. 

And while it is true that you are currently experiencing separation, this doesn’t mean it is impossible to overcome. 

Separation does not mean the end of your connection. Separation is just an experience that can help you make a different choice. It may be the experiences that “pushes” you into making a new and different choice: being in Union with your Twin Flame. Ultimately, Twin Flame separation serves as an invitation to choose Love, healing and togetherness.

Twin Flame separation only serves a higher purpose, providing you with the space needed to heal any wounds and be open to receiving love.

Myth 5: Only a Few Lucky People Have Twin Flames

This one is often referred to as the famous “144.000 Twin Flames”. But the truth is, we all have a Twin Flame. This connection is not reserved for a select few. Being with your Twin Flame is accessible to anyone who desires it. Anyone who is open to receiving their One True Love can have it. And the truth is, a lot of people desire to be with “The One'', their Twin Flame. This desire transcends all limitations of age, race, or background. And the desire is there to be fulfilled. 

Think about it for a minute. Why would the Universe grant such a beautiful and loving relationship to some, but not to others? What would be the point of that? Wouldn’t it be fair to some, and unfair to others? And more importantly, is that how the Universe really works? 

The Origin of Twin Flame Myths

As it often happens in history, mankind always does its best to understand the world around them. However, sometimes it lacks the appropriate tools to really grasp certain concepts or ideas. This is neither good nor bad, just part of the learning process. And the Twin Flame journey and its dynamic are no exception. 

Many of the misinformation and the Twin Flame myths we are about to uncover stem from the belief in Twin Flame Separation. The belief that Twin Flames are two separate individuals who, in spite of sharing a deep connection, are bound to live in physical separation. And that things such as age, place of birth, cultural or religious backgrounds can stand in the way of your Union. What most of these sources of information fail to grasp is that both Union and separation are but a reflection of an inner belief. 

Twin Flame Coaching

As you dissolve the belief of separation, you will see your Twin Flame come closer to you in a very peaceful and natural way. And that is what we are all here for: Twin Flame Union and Harmonious Union. 

Healing Twin Flame Separation

While going through Twin Flame separation is not a comfortable experience, it can be resolved. This means you can achieve Union when you clear the blocks that are preventing you from being together. It means healing the upsets that make you not want to be with your Twin Flame. Even when you still desire to be with them deep down in your heart. 

Healing separation can be easy, too, and the Mirror Exercise is an excellent tool to achieve this. All you need to do is make the choice that, no matter what happens, you still want to be with them. That no matter the upset, you will honor it for what it is: an invitation to love yourself. Doing this will pave the way for the both of you to come closer and cultivate a deeper relationship. A healthy relationship. One where you actually get to build and enjoy a life together forever.

December 2023

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