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Twin Flame Mirror Effect: Mastering your Journey

Updated: Jan 11

By the title of this blog, you may be wondering, what do I mean by “seeing reality as a mirror”?

When we first come across the term “Twin Flames”, many of us believe the journey is about chasing this person we feel a connection with. The one who, we believe, is our eternal lover. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Twin Flame journey was never about them. The Twin Flame journey is about you. It's about how you feel, what your dreams, values, and desires are. 

It is a journey back who you are and to the beliefs you may still be holding on to about yourself and the world. Thoughts that you may not even be aware that they are there, at the back of your mind, yet they shape your reality.

It took me a while to understand this principle, but once I did, my entire journey changed for the better. My desire is that this blog helps you arrive faster at this truth, making your current experiences much easier to navigate. And, more importantly, that it helps you have the success you desire, too. 

Twin Flames: Being Each Other’s Perfect Mirrors

As we’ve shared in previous blogs, Twin Flames are created as One. They are the same One soul, incarnated into two bodies. This allows the soul to look at itself as if it was in front of a mirror, making it easier to spot thoughts or beliefs that aren’t aligned with unconditional love. 

This concept may be new to you. However, it is proven that, when you focus on yourself, your Twin Flame naturally comes closer to you. This is because they are another aspect of you, and not someone separate from you. 

Your Relationships as Mirrors

Since this is a journey of self discovery, and going back to your authentic self, everything in your reality may become a mirror of your deepest beliefs.


It is no secret that, in recent years, psychology has been proving that as within, so without. Meaning, that how you think about yourself and the world will shape how you engage with it. And how you engage with the world is what, ultimately, shapes your current reality. Many have identified this as the “Law of Attraction”. This is why the mirror exercise we share is so important. Because it will allow you to quickly identify these root beliefs, while giving you the chance to make new choices in those places. Places in your consciousness where, without you even realizing it, you have created a false belief about yourself and others.

How Does the Mirroring Work?

Let me give you a personal example:

There are times in which I feel unsupported, because my external reality doesn’t look a certain way. I tend to experience this mostly in my finances. There is a certain quality of life that I would like to give to myself, but my finances aren’t at that point yet. This has led to me feeling like I don’t have enough. Like I am not being supported in my life’s goals and dreams for myself. Because I perceive as not receiving enough, nor trusting that I will, I then refuse -for instance- to buy certain things, even when I know how much these would support me. This, then, feeds even more that belief of not having enough support . Since I am believing that I can’t afford what I need, I deprive myself of the same support I’m asking for. This can grow out of hand if I don’t address the core belief I’m having about life and myself: That I’m not being supported. 

Truth is, along my journey I’ve discovered I have always been supported. I have always had what I needed, which may not always be the same as what I wanted. However, what I needed was far more important, AND it was helping me get what I wanted. 

Perhaps you find yourself experiencing something similar, whether in your finances or in your relationships. To tell you the truth, every aspect of your life is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs. The more you address these and bring love there, the easier your mindset will change. And the more you do this, the more you will see your reality changing for the better, and your Twin Flame naturally being attracted to you.

Twin Flames and the Mirror Effect

As I’ve shared earlier, Twin Flames have the capacity of being each other’s perfect mirrors. This means that, whenever your Twin Flame is doing something that upsets you, they are holding the mirror for you. They do this, so that you can easily find these misaligned thoughts and beliefs and, hopefully, choose to bring love there. 

Our Twin Flame Teachers, Jeff & Shaleia Divine, always say that we are never upset for the reasons we believe. And I have come to realize that is entirely true. As you learn to apply the Mirror Exercise, you will find upsets are a gateway to inviting more love into your life. And as you do, you will come to see your Twin Flame has been loving you unconditionally all along. Something not many of us have experienced in the past. 

This is what makes this journey so wonderful and unique. Because now, you can finally stop putting yourself through situations you don’t feel are appropriate for you. Instead, you can cultivate that love within, which will lead to making better -and more loving- choices for yourself. The more you exercise this ability, the closer and more naturally will your Twin Flame come to you. They will be mirroring your new, loving choices too.  

Overcoming the Challenges of the Mirror Effect

"An upset isn't there to tell you 'you messed up.' an upset is there to tell you: good job! now work through this one." jeff & shaleia.

Looking at oneself in the mirror can be challenging sometimes. We all have things we would rather not look at. Things we feel we don’t like about ourselves, and that we would rather hide. But doing this doesn’t take you any further in your journey. And it certainly won’t bring you closer to your Twin Flame either. This is why having support on this journey is crucial. Noone is meant to do this journey alone. Just as people and situations become your mirror, so, too, should you have the appropriate support system to carry you through when things get tough.

Challenges are a natural part of life. Noone can get around this fact. However, aren’t things always easier when you have help? When there is someone you can turn to for comfort or support? This is what we are here for.

Beyond the Mirror: Creating Harmony Together

The Twin Flame journey is a journey towards becoming more of who you are. The more you find balance and harmony in the authentic expression of who you are, the more harmony you will experience with your Twin Flame. There is no room for power games with your Twin Flame, simply because you will be battling with yourself. The more at peace you can be with who you are, and the choices you make, the easier and lighter your relationship with your Twin Flame will feel. And believe me, it is absolutely worth every step. 

Don't be discouraged if things don't seem to be going how you expected it to be. You are indeed being provided with everything you need to heal and be successful in your journey. And don’t be afraid of looking at yourself in this mirror, it is the key to a better life for you, and those around you.

Twin Flame Coaching

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