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Am I enough for my Twin Flame?

Updated: Jan 11

We all desire to be with our One True Love. Many of us spent years, even decades, dreaming about the time when we finally meet with them face to face. Hours spent imagining how this encounter would happen, fantasizing about how perfect it all would be. How romantic it could be. And then, out of nowhere, this yucky feeling creeps in…. “Am I enough for my Twin Flame? ¿What if I’m not? Would we be able to be together? Am I ready for them?”. 

We all have experienced having these questions come up. I know, because I had them creeping in too. However, thanks to the Teachings of Union, I was able to overcome these thoughts and be open to receiving my Twin Flame. Which is why, I will be sharing with you everything you need to feel better AND be with your Twin Flame forever. 

Understanding Twin Flames

At the core, Twin Flames share a metaphysical bond. One that is not tied to how things look on the outside. A bond that is beyond physical matter. Twin Flames share a spiritual connection that transcends the physical word, because they are One soul at the core. That’s right, you and your Twin Flame are One. You share the same soul DNA, or soul blue-print. This is why the connection isn't like any other relationship you may have experienced thus far. Why it feels so deep, and perhaps, even intense.

Twin Flames have also been created as a mirror of each other. The purpose of this dynamic is to make it easier for you to spot the false or limiting beliefs within you. Thoughts that aren’t aligned to the truth of who you are as a Divine Child of God. By holding the mirror, your Twin Flame helps you to become aware of such thoughts. Thoughts that are holding you back, rather than helping you grow. 

Twin Flame book

Therefore, your Twin Flame is more than just a romantic partner. They are your Ultimate Lover, for they are helping you and supporting you in loving yourself unconditionally

Am I enough for my Twin Flame?

The answer to this question is always “yes!”.

How is that possible? Because you and your Twin Flame are One, and you are born from Love. Love is the greatest power in the Universe. Is what binds you two together, in spite of any situation you may be going through. Love is what gives meaning to your life. And because you and your Twin Flame come from the same soul blueprint, you can never be anything but perfect for each other. You are created that way, as each other’s perfect Divine complements. 

There is absolutely nothing you can do -or not do- that would make you less worthy or attractive to your Twin Flame. Literally, nothing. They are designed to love you unconditionally, regardless of what your choices are. They are patient, loving. and caring towards you, even when you struggle to be that for yourself at times.

Therefore, acknowledging your own worth becomes key to be in Union and in harmony with your Twin Flame. Why? Because it will help you feel safe and relaxed in the relationship. Nobody feels comfortable in a relationship where they don’t feel fully loved nor accepted. But this is not the case with your Twin Flame. They will always love you unconditionally. Even if it means holding space for you, as you heal the wounds of feeling unworthy of love. 

As you learn to embrace your own and unique journey, you will experience your Twin Flame reflecting back that same love to you.

Twin Flames together

Do I need to be fully healed to be with my Twin Flame?

No, you don’t. The Twin Flame journey is, as its name says, a journey. It is a process. You can be both a work in progress and a masterpiece at the same time. The healing process does not interfere with your capacity to be together with your Twin Flame. Quite the opposite, it supports it. You are only “required” to be able to handle and navigate the dynamic and its challenges as best as you can. 

Because your Twin Flame is your perfect mirror, they will be mirroring your choices of self-love. But they will also reflect back the places where you haven’t yet chosen Love. These places within your psyche might not always be comfortable to look at. And while your Twin Flame is only ever helping you to bring light into these spaces, it can feel rather uncomfortable at times. 

Many feel or believe that their Twin Flames are “out to get them”. Or that they are trying to hurt you. Or even, that they are being assh*les. But the truth is, they are only ever holding up the mirror. Inviting you, and helping you heal, to find peace, joy, and ease. 

As both a Twin Flame and Ascension Coach, I can’t tell you how many times I saw this. People, and even past clients, holding on to these false beliefs. Thinking that their Twin Flames were the only problem. That they were being mean to them. Pointing fingers at them, but never once looking at the mirror. This is why having support is crucial to be able to be, and remain, in Union with your Twin Flame. Because some reflections can be very uncomfortable to look at. 

Twin Flame Coaching

How can I heal feeling enough for my Twin Flame?

Healing this feeling of “I’m not enough for my Twin Flame” can easily be resolved with the Teaching of Union. These teachings, coupled with the Mirror Exercise will help you cultivate this inner knowing that you are already perfect. That you are already enough for your Twin Flame. These Teachings will provide a solid foundation for you to deepen this inner knowing with both patience and compassion. 

Truth is, even when you have made mistakes, these don’t take away from your perfection. They are just experiences you went through, and that have helped you get clear on what you desire, and what you don’t. So, remember, you are only making experiences and getting clear, as is your Twin Flame, too. Accepting this will make your journey much easier, and way more enjoyable. 

Self-Love: The Key to your Twin Flame Union

As I shared before, this journey is not only about your shared love with your Twin Flame. It is about cultivating a solid foundation of self-love. This means, learning to honor your most honest feelings and learning to cultivate healthy relationships, starting with the one you have with yourself. It also means learning how to set the appropriate boundaries with those around you, including your Twin Flame. Self-love also means taking care of yourself and your needs.

This journey is meant to awaken you to a Love much greater than what you may have envisioned so far. It is meant to help you find the joy of being you again, this time, from a peaceful and confident place. This is the key to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, and the foundation to a lasting relationship with your beloved. And my Twin Flame Paco and I would love to support you on your path towards your Twin Flame.

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December, 2023
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