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Harmony Within: Healing Depression on Your Twin Flame journey

Updated: Feb 7

About two weeks ago, we published a blog about healing the abandonment wound on the Twin Flame journey. But, what about other psychological factors, like for instance, Twin Flames and depression?

Like I’ve shared before, there’s a lot of people out there writing about Twin Flames and their dynamic. There is also a lot written about the most common Twin Flame wounds: betrayal, abandonment, unworthiness, etc. But, what about mental health disorders? Can these have an impact on your Twin Flame connection? 

In my years as a Twin Flame and Ascension Coach, I’ve seen very few people addressing the impact of disorders such as ADHD, autismus, C-PTSD, or depression in a Twin Flame Union. Hence, this week’s blog. 

I’ll be mostly focusing on Twin Flames and depression, because this is what I’m currently exploring in my own Union. But know that it is safe to explore where you are at with your mental health. Doing so may help you get clear on what your true needs are, how you can best meet them, and how you can support yourself, your Twin Flame, or both, if you are experiencing something like this. 

What does mental health have to do with Twin Flames?

As I shared with you in our previous blog, your Twin Flame journey encompasses every aspect of your life. This also includes your mental health. 

Because your Twin Flame journey is designed to bring love to all the places you feel hurt, exploring your mental health can also be very healing. 

Let’s say that you experienced a lot of challenges growing up. Something was “off”, but you couldn’t pin it, nor your environment was able to help you get clear. Maybe, they even went to minimize what for you was a big issue. Perhaps, you you’ve experiencing some sort of disorder, but since no one helped you get clear, you, then, may have done your best to fit in, thus suppressing how you felt about your experiences. 

Twin Flame book

This was our experience with my son Dante. We felt something was happening because how he reacted to certain situations wasn’t normal for a boy his age. It wasn’t until we explored if he was in the autistic spectrum that we got an official diagnosis. And from that moment on, we all felt relieved, because now we knew what was going on, and how to best support him.

The same applies to everyone. The more you know yourself, the better you will be able to support yourself with resources that can help you navigate the challenges that any diagnosis may bring. And the more support you have, the easier it will be to build a strong, solid, profound, and healthy relationship with your Twin Flame. 

Why do I speak about Twin Flames and depression?

I decided to speak about Twin Flames and depression in this blog, because that is the energy that I have been healing through since I came into physical Union with my Twin Flame in June 2021.

At first, I thought I was just upheaving this energy of burning myself out, trying to take care of everything and everyone on my own. I did not know that, in truth, I was just feeling deeply depressed as a result of suppressing my authentic self-expression ever since I was a child. 

As time went by, these feelings became my “normal”, not knowing that this lack of joy is not normal. That it isn’t normal to not want to eat, get up in the morning, or care for the things that make me happy. 

I always thought I was “just tired”, yet as much as I continue to heal, this feeling of not wanting to get out of bed has never truly left me. Not even when I know, deep in my heart, that the life I’m building with my Twin Flame is wonderful and amazing. 

Twin Flame story

What is depression?

By definition, depression is a mental health condition that affects one's emotions, thoughts, and overall well-being. It is often characterized by persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and a lack of interest in once-enjoyed activities. For many, depression can cast a heavy shadow on their lives. Like it’s been doing in mine. 

While I haven’t yet been officially diagnosed, I can say that some of my moods do find an echo in depression. The lack of willingness to get out of bed, eat, or care of my basic needs; the feeling that what I say or do doesn’t have any value, can all be traced back to some level of depression.

And since it ran in my family, I haven’t discard that I may have been experiencing an undiagnosed depression. I will share more as I continue to get clear on this with the help of a professional.

Twin Flames and depression: How does this affect my journey?

Since science has been discovering more about depression, they’ve come to learn that it is a complex interplay of biological, psychological, and environmental factors, which impact neurotransmitter levels in the brain and influence the way individuals perceive and engage with the world around them. Like with any other disorder, It's essential to recognize depression as a legitimate and challenging health concern, requiring understanding and support.

Depression can cast a veil over the connection. Communication may falter, and the profound connection may be obscured by the shadows of mental distress of the one dealing with this issue. The same can be said about feeling the desire to work on your relationship with your Twin Flame, as depression often presents itself through feelings of apathy. 

Understanding the impact of depression on the Twin Flame journey is crucial for fostering empathy and devising effective strategies for healing.

Twin Flame Mirror Exercise

How can I heal it?

Healing from depression on the Twin Flame journey is possible, if not completely, at least enough that it doesn’t become a problem in your Twin Flame connection. It begins with acknowledging the reality of depression, recognizing it as a legitimate challenge rather than a flaw or weakness. And seeking professional guidance is a must.

In addition to professional support, cultivating inner harmony can be of great help. This involves both Twin Flames embarking on individual journeys of self-discovery, exploring practices that promote mental and spiritual well-being. From mindfulness exercises to positive affirmations, the path to healing demands a commitment to inner growth. And the Teachings of Union can be a great compliment and help to any required treatment. 

The more honest and accepting you can be that this may be what you, or your Twin Flame, are dealing with, the easier it will be to find the proper support. 

Conquering Depression on Your Twin Flame journey

Having an open communication with your Twin Flame becomes, then, the cornerstone of the healing journey. By sharing honestly about your vulnerabilities, fears, and aspirations you can foster a deeper understanding of each other's experiences. This creates a foundation of trust, enabling you both to better navigate the complexities of depression -or any other challenge- with empathy and love.

Create a supportive environment that provides you emotional safety. Engage in activities that bring joy and relaxation, and be patient as you, or your Twin Flame, navigate your healing journey. Understand that healing is a process, and support does make a significant difference. Together, you can become allies in your healing, as that is the purpose of Twin Flames.  

Keep an open mind

Over the past 5 years as Ascension Coaches, both Paco and I have seen many people in our community exploring if they may be experiencing some sort of mental health issue or not. Most have explored this as part of their process of getting to know themselves better and after hitting a wall in their healing process.

Twin Flame Coaching

Those who have found themselves presenting some sort of disorder (ADHD, CPTSD, autismus, etc), they all have shared the relief that these findings have brought them in their Twin Flame journeys, and to their Unions. Paco and I are no exceptions. 

From PTSD to depression, we both have found ways to support ourselves through those times, and our Union has grown stronger because of that. That is the beauty of the work that we share. Because the more we get to know ourselves, the more we can support ourselves and each other through challenging and difficult times. This is what makes our Union unstoppable. And we desire the same for you. 

Mental health, like our physical or emotional health, also needs tending. Please note that, at Twin Flames Embrace we are not professionals of the mental health field, nor we intend to be. Our services are not a replacement for medical treatment and are only meant to compliment these. We only want to share our knowledge and experience, both as Ascension Coaches, as people healing from depression and PTSD. 

If you feel you may be experiencing any kind of mental health disorder, please reach out to a professional for help and clarity, as well as your local support line for support.

February, 2024.

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