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The Abandonment Wound in the Twin Flame Journey (and how to heal it)

Updated: Jan 27

If you have been on your Twin Flame journey long enough, you may have heard of the “Twin Flames wounds”. These are emotional wounds that ought to be healed in order for Twin Flames to be together in harmony and peace.

You can be with your Twin Flame AND heal at the same time. However, you may want to be proactive and start healing this particular wound, regardless of whether you are already together, or not. Being proactive will minimize any possibility of feeling abandoned in your Twin Flame Union. 

To this purpose, this week’s blog will be addressing the self-abandonment wound. This wound is one of the most common ones on this journey. Therefore, we’ll be looking at where it comes from, how it impacts your relationship, and how you can heal it in a sustainable and efficient way.

What is the Abandonment wound?

The abandonment wound is an emotional scar that stems from perceived or real experiences of being deserted, neglected, or rejected. It can manifest in various forms, such as childhood traumas, broken relationships, or even the feeling of separation from one's divine love. 

This wound can also shape how you perceive your relationships, both past and current ones. Also, with your Twin Flame.  

What is the root of it?

Abandonment Wound quote

I feel this quote pretty much sums it up, but I would like to open this dialogue with a few questions:

Do you feel you have done this at least once in your life? If yes, can you think of the reason why? Was it because of fear? Fear of being rejected or not being loved?

Self-abandonment often finds its origins in childhood experiences where you may have learned to prioritize others' needs over your own. 

The conditioning from societal expectations, familial dynamics, and past traumas could have contributed to this pattern of neglecting yourself. You may have even learned it from your parents, who -just like you- learned it from their parents, and so on. This could be a wound that has been carried out by your family through generations.

Self-abandonment is, then, a critical component of the abandonment wound, which involves neglecting one's own needs, emotions, and well-being. The Twin Flames journey often triggers this hurt, with the purpose of healing it. 

How does Twin Flame Journey Trigger Self-Abandonment?

Since Twin Flames are created as One, this allows the soul to look at itself as if it was in front of a mirror. Having this dynamic with your Twin Flame makes it easier to spot thoughts or beliefs that aren’t aligned with unconditional love. This includes the feeling of being abandoned. 

The Twin Flame connection amplifies both your good and bad feelings. This explains why you can experience existing wounds and patterns being triggered, as these issues are being brought up to your awareness. You may experience this by feeling the fear of separation and the desire to maintain harmony in the connection. These feelings may, then, lead you to sacrifice your own needs, contributing to the cycle of self-abandonment.

How does this wound Impact my Twin Flame Journey

Understanding the profound connection between the abandonment wound and the Twin Flame journey is crucial for personal growth and relationship development. The unaddressed wounds can create obstacles in the harmonious union of Twin Flames, hindering the journey towards spiritual and emotional alignment.

Twin Flame Mirror Exercise

Can my Twin Flame Connection Help Heal the Abandonment Wound?

Yes, it can. As your Twin Flame is your best healing buddy, your connection has the power to catalyze profound healing. It is essential to make the choice of embarking on your personal healing journey. As you embrace these feelings and seek ways to approach them in a more constructive way, you can definitely heal in this place. 

Recognizing and addressing the wound of self-abandonment, understanding its roots, and actively participating in the healing process can lead to a more harmonious and fulfilling relationship, also with your Twin Flame. You can even stop experiencing being abandoned in the relationship, too.

How can I heal feeling abandoned by my Twin Flame?

Healing happens in layers, like peeling an onion, so make sure to invite a lot of patience and compassion with yourself as you move through this healing. 

While this wound may involve approaching it from different venues, cultivating a deep connection with yourself is the first step. Both Paco and I heal with the Teachings of Union, which have provided us a holistic approach to healing this, and many other wounds. 

Since you and your Twin Flame are One and you mirror each other, understanding the dynamic and how you can best navigate it is key, also when healing these wounds. So, if you are ready to heal Twin Flame abandonment for good, explore the Teachings of Union. We know they will be of great help to you, too.   


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