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Support Guide for Same Sex Twin Flame Union

You’ve been on your journey for quite some time. You’ve been healing your blocks and upsets like a champ, and then… the moment comes: it is time to reveal your true Twin Flame. 

Perhaps you already know you are in a same sex Twin Flame Union. But, what if, like me, you are just now waking up to this being a possibility?

Discovering that you are in a same sex Twin Flame Union can be challenging, because it may be confronting you with circumstances or situations that you were not expecting. As you embark on this journey, it's essential to find support and guidance to navigate the challenges that come with it.

Know that, when you are in a same sex Union, unconditional love, self-acceptance and compassion are key in moving through the challenges that this discovery may be bringing up. 

In this guide, and based on my own life experience, I’ll share with you some tips and things you can do to navigate this chapter in your journey smoothly and compassionately. 

The First Step: Discovering that you are in a Same-Sex Twin Flame Union

When I first came to this journey, I was looking for a man. For me that meant a man, in a man’s body. Nothing less, nothing more. But, upon embracing this path, I learned that femininity and masculinity are energies. As such, these energies are like polarities of a magnet.

If you know magnets, you’ll know that it doesn’t matter which shape or form they take, in every case, without fail, there is a positive (masculine) and a negative (feminine) polarity. And as science dictates, opposites attract. 

After diligently healing through the upsets my journey presented me with, I was confronted with the possibility that, contrary to my belief, my Twin Flame could be a Divine Masculine in a woman’s body. 

I remember that inner conversation I had with myself  like it was yesterday. I wasn’t happy about this possibility being true, but I also knew that being with my Twin Flame was all I ever wanted. It had been a life-long search.

I pondered about this and my options. There were to either: 

A) Reject my Twin Flame for being in a woman’s body in spite of being a man, or

B) Accept this as my reality and just work through whatever upsets there may be. 

The first option would leave me without the love of my life, and the second would fulfill my long-term desire of being with the one person I had been looking for my entire life. I chose the latter.


Honoring and Embracing Your Same-Sex Twin Flame Union

After that inner conversation, the time came to reveal Paco as my Twin Flame. While I was relieved because I was finally able to put a name and a face to my Twin Flame, accepting that he is a trans-man required a little bit more of an effort.

If there is something this experience taught me is how important it is to honor yourself and how you truly feel about things in your journey. Including being in a same sex Twin Flame Union, especially if this was something you were not expecting to happen at all. 

Some Twin Flame couples manifest one, or both Twin Flames, being in the opposite body due to the beliefs they hold about themselves and the world. If they believe that the world isn’t a safe place, or that they can’t be their true selves, it is highly possible that a Divine Feminine is born in a man’s body, or vice versa.  Because polarities aren't tied to gender, the Twin Flame journey can come with its own little surprises.

Twin Flame Mirror Exercise

This doesn’t mean you have done anything wrong. It only means that, for lack of better tools, you allowed fear to get the best of you, and have probably made this choice as a way of giving yourself a sense of safety. If this is the case, be really compassionate with yourself and your Twin Flame, as this is a place within you that is calling for a lot of love. 

Self-Acceptance and Authenticity

As stated before, the best first step in supporting yourself in a same-sex Twin Flame Union is to embrace how you truly feel and what you need to feel loved and supported. This can not be stated enough.

Self-acceptance and authenticity are, again, key. Recognizing that your love and feelings are valid will allow yourself to fully embrace who you are and who you love, without judgment or fear. As well as embracing the upsets and challenges that it brings up, as these are the places inside of you that are calling to be loved. 

Unconditional self-acceptance is the cornerstone of a healthy same-sex Twin Flame Union, because it allows you to acknowledge and honor your truth without judgment. 

Understanding that your love is true, beautiful and valid regardless of what anybody else says is what creates the safe space you need to cultivate that level of self-acceptance . 

Building a Support System

Surrounding yourself with a supportive group of people or community who celebrate your authenticity and empower you to embrace your truth is also very important. You are who you are, and you are on a healing journey. You’ll be finding yourself in very vulnerable positions sometimes, so the most compassionate thing for you is to have people who truly support you, rather than people who will or can not support you when you most need them. 

Twin Flame book

Finding a safe LGBTQ+ community and connecting with others who are also in a same-sex Twin Flame union can be incredibly empowering and comforting, because these are people who are going through, or have gone through, the same challenges and experiences as you.

Never underestimate the power of being surrounded by like-minded people. Sharing experiences, insights, and challenges with others who are on a similar path can provide valuable guidance and reassurance.

Cultivate Understanding

Create a safe space where both you and your Twin Flame can openly express their thoughts, feelings, and concerns without fear of judgment. Invite empathy and compassion, as being in a body that doesn’t fully represent you can be very uncomfortable, or even painful. The same applies to your Twin Flame, if it is them the one experiencing this.

Be honest about your needs and boundaries, and encourage yourself and/or your Twin Flame to do the same. Remember that open communication strengthens the bond between you, and paves the way for healing, growth, and harmony.

Also keep in mind that Twin Flames share One consciousness, therefore, this choice will trigger blocks and upsets for both of you. Take time to address these upsets, as bringing love there is what nurtures and deepens your connection. The Teachings of Union can be of great help in achiving this. Find what works best for you and remember that your Union is a beautiful expression of love, and it deserves to be shared and expressed.

Self-Care and Healthy Boundaries

One of the most common issues a same sex Twin Flame Union experience is a lack of self-acceptance, and therefore, very poor boundaries in relationships in general.

Since you, or your Twin Flame, are in a body that doesn’t quite honor who you truly are, this means that, somewhere within, you are struggling to honor who you are as a divine being. That is ok. Self-love and healing are a process and it happens in layers. It is safe to give yourself and your Union the space to process these feelings, fears and upsets, so you can find resolution in that space. 

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Respect is something you, too, deserve, and it can be cultivated regardless of how your journey is currently unfolding. Take the space to get clear on what are your needs and do your best to give yourself whatever it is that you need to feel supported through your challenges during this phase of your journey.

Embracing Unconditional Love and Trust

At the heart of every Twin Flame Union is unconditional love and trust. Embrace these qualities wholeheartedly in your relationship, knowing that they are the foundation of your connection. Have faith that everything is unfolding as it should, as your journey is tailored to your healing. Allow yourself to surrender to the love between you and your Twin Flame, as each experience serves a purpose in your spiritual growth. 

You can also release the need to control or rush the process and, instead, embrace the present moment with as much gratitude and acceptance as possible. Finding peace about your current circumstances is key to achieving and sustaining your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. 

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