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We are Twin Flames, and we are engaged!

We are happy to share with everyone that we just got engaged recently!

This had been a long time coming in our Union. Truth to be told, we both have been desiring to take this step since we first came together in June 2021. But, back then, our relationship was still in the early stages. We needed to get to know each other better. We needed to know we could trust each other to make the choice to work on our Union. And today, after 2 and a half years of commitment to healing our upsets and moving through our challenges, we have finally taken this step. We are finally engaged!

We are now even more in love with each other than before. And also, happier to be walking together, side by side, in this adventure that we call life.

The first steps towards our engagement

Twin Flames engaged

It took place a couple of months ago.

When I first presented the idea to Paco, he would still have some resistance to it, for he had initially considered getting engaged only once we were in Harmonious Twin Flame Union (HTFU), and able to marry right away.

I saw it the other way around. It felt like we may have been controlling how our journey would unfold. I pondered on the thought that, maybe, getting engaged was our natural next step, and therefore, in alignment with us coming into deeper harmony. Since coming into HTFU is a much more profound process, I saw no conflict with being engaged, and still move towards us coming into that deeper harmony in our relationship.

So, we both discussed the topic and expressed our feelings about this.

At that point I was already at peace with it. I knew we would eventually be engaged, so I allowed Paco his space to process things while knowing we were ready for it.

To me it was already very clear: being engaged wasn't about the ring, nor the attention, nor anything of the sort. It wasn't about the "fuzz" of being engaged either. To me, it meant solidifying even more that core choice of commitment to one another -and to God. A choice that, no matter what would happen, we would still continue to choose God, each other, and our Union, and heal through any upsets in between.

The first upsets

After arriving at this conclusion in my heart, I just allowed things to be. I would start looking for rings, only to realize I was getting clear on my taste in jewelry, since this is a place where I hadn't loved myself before. Truth is, I never fully believed one day I'd be engaged, or get married.

Even less so, that I may -one day- receive a ring made of gold or with diamonds. So I had to heal in this place inside of me to be able to receive such a Divine gift from my Twin Flame.

During this search of mine, I would also trigger Paco. He’s always had this desire to give me a huge diamond ring. However, this isn't where we are yet with our finances. Of course, I wasn’t going to let this become a reason for us to not go deeper in our commitment to our relationship. I reassured him that the ring in itself wasn't the important thing to me. All I cared about was deepening our Union and seeing this choice honored and reflected back on the outside, too.

I gotta hand it to him, because as he was working through his upsets, he managed to keep a secret the fact that he had already purchased the ring about a month prior to popping the question. We would go around town, and I'd still look at jewelry stores, while he would insist that I "let go off the whole engagement thing".

Preparing the setting for our Twin Flame engagement

Paco was also good at concealing the fact that he already knew when and where he would pop the question. But he kept asking me about my "perfect scenario" to "get clear".

I would share with him how I would find it romantic to maybe be proposed under the night sky, in a Christmas like atmosphere, with lights warming up the air. I couldn't think of anything more intimate and romantic than that. I always loved the Christmas spirit I'd seen in movies when I was growing up. And as I come from an unorthodox jewish family, Christmas wasn't something we would celebrate. Even if we did, being in Buenos Aires, the Christmas spirit doesn't quite “hit you” the same way in a 40° Celsius sommer environment.

So, as we were planning my 40th birthday celebration, we decided we would make a day-trip to Vienna to visit the Schönbrunn Palace, have a nice meal and after sunset, enjoy the Christmas market in the premises of the Palace. After all, you only turn 40 once. Little did we know what an amazing surprise was in store for us, nor did I know that our engagement would be one of my birthday gifts.

The day of the proposal

Twin Flames engagement

The day came and we enjoyed a nice, quiet day. We had a first glimpse at the Christmas market, went for lunch, visited the palace, and made a stop for some coffee and cake.

Since the days are quite cold where we live, during November, we took refuge in a beautiful coffee shop. We spent about two hours there, having coffee, warming up, recharging, and almost unknowingly, working through some more layers of separation. After we felt replenished, we headed out of the coffee place only to find the entrance to this light event we had no idea of.

We hesitated a bit, as we feared we might be overspending upon paying the entrance fees. We chose to move through this feeling and the fear of receiving something this beautiful.

Truth was, I'd been to a lightfest like this in Berlin, back in 2017, and I loved it, but for Paco, it was his first.

We finally went ahead and paid the entrance. It was beautiful and so lovely. Truly a wonderful experience.

The “Yes!”

And as we kept walking through the light installations, I saw this one of a heart with a seat in the middle. It was the obvious picture for any couple walking by, and so -of course- I asked a visitor if she could take our picture.

It was right then and there when Paco realized it was the perfect moment to ask me to marry him.

I freaked for a second and got a bit nervous, because I couldn't quite believe it, and because he had kept the surprise so well hidden.

As he popped the question, my "Yes!" was undoubted. It came with such an ease and peaceful joy in my heart.

We were both still a bit nervous, so we kept walking through the garden while processing and sharing our feelings, our awe and surprise of how perfect it all turned out to be. And how blessed we were to have had someone capturing snippets of this moment in our journey.

We are now engaged, and we couldn't be happier.

I love my man with all my heart, as he loves me, and we can't wait to continue sharing the rest of our lives together.

Six years ago I was poor, broke and alone, sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Almost 3 years ago I was able to move in with my Twin Flame. Today, we are sharing our lives and living together as One, building a beautiful life together.

We did not come this far alone. On our own. Quite the contrary, we were able to get here thanks to Jeff & Shaleia, their community, and the Teachings of Union, which have shown us the way to true, unconditional Love.

And, if this has been possible for us, why wouldn't you, too, be able to achieve the same in your own life?

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